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17 Mar 14

SGC next celebration 6 April
Thanks to the person who dropped off food for our community this week. It will be appreciated!

SGC Celebrate will not be running for the NEXT TWO WEEKS. Ken and Penny are away and so the next Celebration is 6 April.

Please pray for one of our members who has fallen and hurt her stomach. Pray that there is no longer term significant damage and the pain will go away. Pray that over the next two weeks there will not be issues our Church can't cover off for those in the community.

Be blessed.
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4 Mar 14

God Rocks as usual next week
Next week we will be doing indoor climbing at God Rocks as usual at 7pm Friday. Invite friends. families are also welcome as long as you enjoy high energy activities and energy music!

 Our 3pm SGC celebrate will be running on Sunday and as usual a number of you are welcome to come for lunch as well. There will be fun and perhaps some activities prior to the celebration.
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