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SGC Celebrate wants to make our get togethers available as much as possible to everyone, whether you can be here or not.
We use gotomeeting - you need to have internet access..try it out

SCREEN AND AUDIO CONFERENCING (Go to Meeting conferencing)
Click on the meeting link below to join us. Normally on Sundays 2:30pm to 4pm EST. Click on the hyperlink to try it out, if we are there and you have a mic you can talk to us. The audio is through the computer speakers and in this case there is no phone bill. If you call in via a phone, then you have to bear your own phone costs as you link with others on our meeting. (Normal charges to the number provided).
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Simply use the goto meeting conference bridge without the gotomeeting computer link!
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Please let us know of issues so we can fix them  is the best email for now! 

Note: if the session is not running and you need it, please contact Ken or Penny via email, texting or a call.

Description of Conference and event details  Specific date/time

 Link to connect to the conference, view the images on the screen, talk to, and hear the people.



 Laughing SGC Celebrate GET TOGETHER Laughing

Automatically setup each Sunday that we get together. Please join!

Each Sunday from 2:30pm to 5pm

GotoMeeting virtual meetings SETUP ON REQUEST ONLY!

contact us (705)6369619 to get setup