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We are a group of people getting together to focus on helping our community with heartfelt love while enabling them to find and follow Jesus!

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23 Feb 14

Good SGC week of fun
This week we had six young folk and a number of adults at SGC. We planned help for our community and had fun as well. Even the adults tried out our climbing wall (Yeah! this church has a climbing wall!) We thank God for his intervention and the bulding of our community that is happeneing weekly!
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17 Feb 14

A good week of support
The last period  has been very busy. Together  with the Anglican Church  in Emsdale we organized to pack and distribute food to 8 families in Kearney needing assistance. This was in addition to already providing food to two families and oil for heating to another. This week 5 cords of wood are being delivered to a family in need. Another family has been picking up wood from the reserve. The cold winter has been hard on many people.

This week we will be organizing another $500 of oil for another family in need. Prayer was answered and a young person who had been ill for a long time received a diagnosis which is what we had been praying for.

SGC has been active and we praise God for enabling us to help others.

NExt week we meet again as usual.
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9 Feb 14

Mini Olympics team from God Rocks!
MinOlympics2014GodRocks.JPGMini Olympics team from God Rocks!
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