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Once a week we meet to celebrate, plan activities to support our community, and have fun together!

Below is a typical agenda and activity plan for these meetings. . .

Sunday Afternoon  
Intended start time 3pm
Intended end time 5pm

 Gathering / Communicating Community needs 10 min
 Gathering prayer needs  5 min
 Prayer for community and praying for needs 10 min
 Short Message/ Discussion /Helpful thoughts to remember from the bible 40 min
 Gathering of the monetary contributions for the community work (tithes) 5 min

 Discussion on work parties and activities planned to support the community over the next period

(specifically for the next week)

 20 min
 Voting on where the monetary contribution is to go for God’s work in the community 
 and closing prayer 5min

Intended start time 2:30pm
Intended end time 4:00pm

All SGC Celebrate meetings are made available to those who cannot attend by being broadcast on the internet via webcam and online meetings. By attending a SGC meeting we are all agreeing to be part of this. This is to ensures all our meetings are open to all who are interested and available to the remote, or ill, who may not be able to attend. [See virtual attendance]

All money collected at the meeting is planned for distribution to the community at the same meeting by those present. Where money is to be accumulated for a project (e.g. To buy wood for winter heating to meet a disadvantaged person's need) one person attending will be designated by those present to hold the gift purse until the designated amount is achieved and to then complete the payment or donation. This gift purse will be held in trust by the selected person who is accountable to God and the others for it. This purse will be called a “Judas purse” to remind us that we need to take care of God’s money and not abuse it as Judas did. There may be more than one Judas purse active at any time so that multiple needs in the community can be met. No interest will be accumulated on Judas purses and they should be used within six months or returned for re-distribution. Also please note there will not be tax receipts as this is not an organization but rather a group of friends gathering in a home who want to help their community and celebrate Godly community at the same time.