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28 Jan 14

Weeks 2 Feb and 9 Feb

Hi everyone,

THis coming week is going to be a dynamic week and whether we can meet on Sunday will only be known later in teh week. Please call Penny or Ken to check if the SGC will be occuring at 3pm on Sunday as normal.

Meanwhile please pray for a few things
  a. The people in long term care in Huntsville hsopital which is closing this service. Maybe even write your memebr of parliment and complain. This essential service is being lost due to funding issues.
  b. Pray for those out of work, that they would find work.
  c. Pray for those in the cold that they would have money for heating with morning temperatures of around the -30C it is important to have heat.
  d. Pray for those travelling

Then, the week of 9 February there will be no SGC as this is the Kearney dog sled weekend and many of us will be helping out with the events.

May God bless us and our community

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12 Jan 14

2014 January planning

SGC this week had number of prayer request and needs that were met. C&J family needed food $150 and another family was needing groceries$200. We supported the foodbank and teh school breakfast club as well as assiting a family pay a furnace repair bill. We had a wonderful time of worship and will meeting in two weeks time.

SGC and God Rocks will not be active next week, but will be the week afterwards. If there are neds we have a provision to met them so let us know.

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