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We are a group of people getting together to focus on helping our community with heartfelt love while enabling them to find and follow Jesus!

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15 Dec 13

This week, Christmas and next meeting 12 Jan, 2014
Thanks to all those who helped so much as we took firewood, and gasoline for a chainsaw, to a man who is out of work and does not have enough heat for winter. Thanks Harvey for providing the wood for this good cause.

Thanks to everyone who helped buy groceries, and pack baskets to help people through our Christmas season. Let's remember to pray for people as well.

This has been a great year, we have achieved much. Click to see some support we provided. Only some of it is in the listings we put on the site. For example the free occupational therapy services are notshown, neither are the hours of love spent texting, phoning and helping others who are down or needing support, or those who just need  to have someone to share their joy.

Congratulations to Mike Winger on getting engaged to be married! Treat Belle in the same way that Jesus loves the church and you can't go far wrong Mike!

The Christmas time is a time of visiting and being visited.

Most of us are active in those pursuits over this next while and so we will not have another SGC until 12 January.(God Rocks start's again the Friday 10th January)

However, if you hear of needs please contact Morry, we do keep some things in reserve for eventualities, and may be able to assist.

Our prayer is that everyone in our area would be warm and have enough food. God wants us to look to these needs as much as possible. Loving spiritually doesn't do much if people are freezing or hungry!

We have an awesome God who looks after us well. Let's help others get to know him too.
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2 Dec 13

Shoeboxes, wood and next week
Hi everyone,
We had a good week in that we were able to supply someone with wood to keep themselves heated during this cold time. We also got Christmas items and made up 10shoeboxes for the Childrens Christmas drive which Penny will be taking to Kicthner to be shipped. This coming week we will ahve God Rocks, but SGC will not occur on Sunday as Ken and Penny will be attending a climbing competition in Toronto on the weekend.
We pray everyone will have a blessed week.20131201_shoeboxes.jpg
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