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We are a group of people getting together to focus on helping our community with heartfelt love while enabling them to find and follow Jesus!

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22 Apr 12


We have another SGC celebrate get together this afternoon. There has been a few weeks since we last had one.

If you know anyone who needs some furniture there is some available:

- 4 door dresser
- storage cabinet with sliding glass doors (about 4'x3')
- Single bed 

we have found a home for a mattress and the patio table, umbrella and chairs but may need help moving it next Saturday morning (meet at Ken and Penny's at 10am!

Then there is a request to help a Ugandan school. Not in our community, but Jeff and Michelle from the Anglican church in Emsdale spent time in Uganda and know the people who started a vocational school there. Students(many who are orphans learn skills like carpentry, brick laying, sewing, etc.

Recently they have had an unexpected weather related disaster which has severely affected the school. because this school has been started by 4 Ugandans, they do not have any official charitable status, nor do we have anyway of tracking funds and donations, although they have promised to send us pictures of before and after.

We need to decide if we could help out there.

Then, there is a need for 88 notebooks of 130 pages and 15 nail clippers for the mission disaster recover bags we are putting together. We need this for this week! Again, lets remember this need.

We have started a support service for people in need where people get helped with gas. This is progressing and we need to update the fund next week.

The computer we setup for the elderly couple in our community was setup by Mike and Ken and has been provided to them to assist them as they need one to write letters.

This web site was not updated for a few weeks, but we have been busy!

Currently we are raising funds to send some local young people on a  mission trip to build homes for those who need this assistance in Mexico. This is an opportunity to give a young person community service experience in a community for worse off than our own and blesses that community we go to at the same time. Please help us in any way you can to get this done.

We also want everyone to remember next week is our week to gather food for the food bank. We will also be supporting our local school with breakfasts.

Let's pray for Gods provsion and love to be with these needs of which we are aware.

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