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We are a group of people getting together to focus on helping our community with heartfelt love while enabling them to find and follow Jesus!

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26 May 12

Raking leaves and NO SGC tomorrow
Today we provided an elderly couple with leave raking and other simple garden services to help them get things right for the summer. Prarise God and thanks to Junior for his help.

Tomorrow there cannot be a SGC celebrate service as Ken is going out the country to Mexico and will be back Friday.

God Rocks will be running as usual on Friday and Saturday next week, but tonight there is no God Rocks either.

We have received $200 from a person in the community towards the mission, and $40 from a couple grateful for assistance provided. Birchdale church also has contributed $450 towards the mission to Mexico. The $40 will be added to next weeks collection for the community, and the $200 has been paid toward the mission trip directly into Global Expediations. The $450 will be forwarded to Global Expediations. Thanks Birchdale!

God continues to bless us and those we serve!

Last week we had a need to take some food to people in our community who were thankful and we will need to pray and care for these people.

Next week we were going to put siding up on a shed for an elderly lady, but due to other needs such as the availablity of help to rebuild the God Rocks climbing wall for the summer challenges, this will need to be delayed a week or two.

We also have a dire need to repair a rotting deck. This will be planned at the next meeting.

Pray for these needs and our ability to meet them. God bless us all!
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16 May 12

Walk for hunger and fun at God Rocks
Last week we joined in in teh Bourkes falls walk for hunger enjoying the spring with the green colour, wildlife and the walk through the forested areas.

God Rocks was also fun with teh shaving creme hairdo competition and lessons on elijah and respect.

Sunday we investiogated whether God had a mother and a lively dicussion ensued!

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5 May 12

May notices!
Good news...a laptop went to the community form SGC and will be well used by the person who needed it. God rocks is getting more and more active each week, the games and challenges are going to become more varied and extend to the outdoors as the weather improves.

It's good news that one of our young folk has work at Tim Hortons and is glad to be contributing to the community. A gas fund has been established to help those we know need help to buy gas to get into town at times.
We are also helping our with money for breakfasts at the local school. Money was sent to a school in Uganda that had it's roof blown off and people injured. The local Anglican minister and his wife had personal experience of the area and the need and helped us get that money to them. the Anglican church (bless them) also assisted so we could make a significant gift and impact.

Here in Kearney and Emsdale we are assisting with the food bank and next week there is a walk for the food bank in Bourkes falls. Those that can join in Saturday are more than welcome. chat to Ken or Penny if you need help/directions etc. Any donations to the food bank will of course be well received.

God bless you!
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