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7 Mar 12

Wood for HEATING
Last weekend was a busy weekend. It started with the moving of about 3 cords of wood into a dump trailer that was kindly provided by Ken Hunt. (He lent us his truck to pull it with). Then we had to get it up a snow covered hill to the home.

Oh, I forgot to mention we had a huge wet snowfall that covred the roads in about a foot of snow. Two cars had trouble getting to the home where we were to get the wood (Thanks Harvey). One got stuck and had to be pushed out. Then going up the hill the dump trailer with all the wood slid into the snow bank and the truck wheels spun.

Fortunately another person form our community happened on by withg another truck and snowplow. First we pulled the trailer down the hill, then D. cleared the snow on that uphill driveway enabling us to get the wood up.

Then R. spent the afternoon clearing a driveway and the truck being used stopped and the battery wouldn't work. A call to SGC provided a welcome boost and cup of hot chocolate.

We had a lot to prasie god for on Sunday at SGC. $100 was donated to the food bank and we were able to up our mission fund a little.
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