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We are a group of people getting together to focus on helping our community with heartfelt love while enabling them to find and follow Jesus!

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24 Feb 12

TOMORROW- GETTING WOOD & making Mission bags
Hi Folk, we are meeting at Richards in Emsdale at 10am to gather and then go out to get wood.

Thanks to Ken for joining us with his dump trailer! Yay! 5 cords to be got and split three ways.

Ken & Penny are bringing a van and trailer as well as snowblower/ shovels. We also need a sled ...for wood. Richard is coming with a truck. Looks like a busy time to be had by all! Dress warm and if you need a ride from Ken and Penny's be there by 9:30am. Chilli and hot dogs for lunch at the McQuillans!


The ladies will be making bags for disaster relief times as part of mission work. We are joining Birchdale in this activity. So those of the fairer sex, how about joining us there!

A day of having fun, praising God and working together to help those in the community!

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5 Feb 12

Praise God! We raise $697 today for needs and with this we were able to get a tank of oil for a person in need who could not afford it as well as purchase 2 cords of wood for the family with children who needed it. That will be delivered before 9am tomorrow. Yay!

Thanks to everyone who prayed, attended SGC and assisted. Bless our remote participant without which we could not have met this need. What a wonderful crowd of Christians to be part of! God rocks and so does SGC celebrate! Praise God!
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Wood for lady who needs it
Due to the failure of Ed to provide wood to people in Kearney, there are number of people running short of wood for heating their homes. We were able to purchase 4 cords for a lady last week but heard of a family who needs between 4 and 6 cords this week. These are people who cannot aford to pay much and who are now in difficulty. We need to look into what we can do this week t SGC celebrate get together! We also need to find out who else needs assistance due to Ed not being able to provide on time.
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