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We are a group of people getting together to focus on helping our community with heartfelt love while enabling them to find and follow Jesus!

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22 Jan 12

Snow clearing - Ramp and Deck accessible
Assisted a lady clear the deck and her ramp up to the deck that was overlaoded with ice and snow from the roof and could not be used. Chipped the ice away and made it accessible
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18 Jan 12

This week so far

A computer was purchased, set-up and sent to Cuba to a man who needs it to help others and his handicapped son. Then, SGC Celebrate helped a family that could not afford oil to heat their homes in our Canadian winter with $500 of oil. Lastly thanks to Richard, people were taken to the airport to go to Cuba. Richard we appreciate you giving up a whole nights sleep to help out those people!

May God be praised!

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9 Jan 12

Pastor in Cuba needs a computer

SGC celebrate is attempting to procure and setup a computer for a Pastor in Cuba who needs a computer and who's son has a disability. The computer will be used for helping the son and church activities.

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1 Jan 12

HAPPY NEW YEAR and prayer request

We also have an immediate prayer request. A single mom has given birth to a baby boy. his bood sugar dropped. He was taken to Orillia from Huntsville, he has has 3 seizures and has now been taken to Sick Kids hospital. Please pray for mom, grandma and baby!
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