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We are a group of people getting together to focus on helping our community with heartfelt love while enabling them to find and follow Jesus!

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20 Dec 11

Tithes received week of 20 Dec 2011

An amazing $940 was received this week and the work in the community that was done is as follows:

  • Lady and daughter without sufficient income were given Walmart cards totalling $150
  • Couple in the community assisted with food earlier this year was given food, gifts and $200 Walmart card to assist them through Christmas.
  • A lady and son needed groceries, $120 groceries and gifts provided for Christmas
  • Oil for a family who cannot afford it $500 designated.

YES, that is more than we got in but we have used some money from our Judas purses to meet the needs.

We wish everyone a wonderful week and lovely Christmas!

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12 Dec 11

SGC during Christmas season
SGC will be taking a break until January 6th weekend!
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Boxes and food hampers
Friday next week we are meeting at Ken and Penny's at 4pm, picking up some people at 4:15 to be at the food bank area in Burkes Falls by 5pm. We will be sorting and packing christmas baskets. Please come and help.

Saturday we will be driving around handing them out!
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Moved boxes to food bank
Friday the God rocks youth moved food from the Anglican church basement in Emsdale to the Burkes Falls food bank!  Thanks folk!
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notes on needs for this week

Critical Need : “X” with cancer needs oil (contact via Barb). Have cancer, live alone, cannot work, been buying oil for heating. Funding a propane furnace with Birchdale and other supporters. Needs are $4000, after all our contributions are paid we are guessing guessing $1000 outstanding.



Person single mom needs 11 chords wood and will also need oil. (ED?)


Computer – for January

Newborn baby supplies needed.(doesn’t have washer - we arwe puuting funds aside to assist)

Planning   - Dave F tiling

Spring painting of deck (for lady with the stairs that were fixed)

Spring: raking of leaves


Wood for winter – stockpile = 5cords THANKS!

Mr.T – He had stroke, wife ill, may need more wood in the future. move 5 cords maybe….

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5 Dec 11

A person in our area who has got cancer has found out that the furnace, oil tank and chimney in the home is condemned. They do not have money and so BIRHCDALE CHURCH and SCG celebrate as well as other donators are attempting to assist. The Non-SCG celebrate donations have reached a total of $1700 and SCG has designated $ 1432 to this so far, more is planned. THANKS to the contractor who was willing to start work on putting a new propane furnace in without recieving full payment head of time. We will meet the remaining needs as we can from income over the next weeks. PRAY for this person and the need!
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BIRCHDALE CHURCH provides need for BED for a man and joins with SGC in meeting this need
BIRCHDALE CHURCH and SGC together identified a need for a bed for a man who was sleeping on a blow up mattress on the floor in the Kearney area. After SGC a bed was found in huntsville and by 8pm that evening it had been provided to the man. God was at work in this need from the beginning when Lana  got the call to the point the bed was delivered. We rejoice with God another need can be met in our community!
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