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3 Feb 13

SGC Meetings not occuring for two weeks, next one 24 Feb
SCG will be not running next week as the members of our church are assisting with aspects of the Kearney Dog sled races and community events on the week of 10 Feb and Ken & Penny are way out of province on the week of the 17th. We recommence in the week of 24 February. Needs can still be phoned through or submitted via email. Alternatively they can be communicated by contacting Bircchdale church or the Anglican church i Emsdale and letting them know the needs are for SGC celebrate. We love to work with all the churchs from this area to support those in need. Please also pray for the foodbank that will be providing support on Family day and for people travelling around to get food to needy people in these snowy conditions. 

ALso God Rocks is now only on Fridays 7:30pm to 10pm. God rocks will occur next Friday but not on Friday 15 February.
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