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4 Jan 13

GOD ROCKS - Youth Climbing- all welcome- STARTS TONIGHT AGAIN
GOD ROCKS - Youth Climbing- all welcome- STARTS TONIGHT AGAIN for 2013.

Next week we go to Burlington for a Rock Climbing competition and tonight is an opportunity to test those skills. Totally now problems are on the indoor wall!

Come see and be challenged!

Same location as SGC Celebrate, you are welcome!
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1 Jan 13

We at SGC Celebrate want to wish everyone a very blessed and happy NEW YEAR. This is a chance to improve our world and touch the lives of those around us for the better. Let's look forward to the challenges and joys! We wish you and your loved ones the very best in the New Year. We know there will be sadness's and tough times, but in God's will they can build us into better people. I do however pray these are limited in the current year and that the pain in our world can subside for a while as evil is conquered.

Pease and blessings!
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