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Do we want to make a difference as Christians and volunteers? 

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We are a group of people getting together to focus on helping our community with heartfelt love while enabling them to find and follow Jesus!

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25 Aug 11

We have just received a new request

A person in Sprucedale  needs help to put down some patio stones to make the path way from the driveway to the ramp into his house a little bit wider. He has the patio stones but neither he nor his wife are physically able to lay the stones. He uses a power wheelchair and his wife has MS. Currently the pathway just barely accommodate the width of his wheelchair. 

The family is on ODSP so they have no extra money to pay someone to help them and don't have funding to help them out.
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21 Aug 11

Floor completed!
The floor was completed by our volunteers
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19 Aug 11

TOMORROW! Finish BEDROOM FLOORS & day of fun activities in the sun!
WE NEED WORKERS who want to have fun!

Laughing( this is a message for you! )Cool

We are gathering at Ken and Penny's on Saturday morning at 10am. From there we will finsih the floors in the bedrooms of the house in Kearney.

Hopefully, God willing, that should only take one or two hours and then we will refresh with a swim in the lake at Ken and Penny's, lunch, and the start of fun afternoon challenges and games. Yes, there is planning to have a water balloon fight, yes we plan kayaking, canoeing, paddle boating, etc. There will be dinner, snacks, a bonfire and sweet sticky stuff later. The day ends at 9pm(but you can leave earlier if you want)! Bring swimsuit, towel, and yourself.

Anyone of any age is welcome but expect to have high energy activities. (If you want to sit and chatr on the deck that's okay as well).

If you cant help out at 10am come later. You will be welcome anyhow!

We look forward to helping and having fun too!

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Thanks PAT!
We received a contribution form Pat in Peterbourough! Thanks Pat. May God bless you! We will put it into SGC celebrate needs at the celebration this weekend. We miss you, stay well and blessed!
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15 Aug 11

Success! The first Celebration Meeting
Wow! Thirteen people attended our first meeting and it was a success. 

Next Saturday we will be finishing the bedroom floors of a home for someone then we go into a day of fun, swimming, climbing, watersports, challenges, food drink and bonfire at Ken and Penny's home.

On Saturday SCG celebrate gathered in $420 for buying wood towards the need of he elderly couple who cannot pay for their heating this winter. We havea way to go yet, but it's a good start. We also have a potential of getting some more wood donated in exchange for some work.

Items that came up as points for discussion were helping with the Magnatewan fire disaster and helping some people in the community who are not well enough to cut their wood with this work as well.

It was a great meeting and Romans 12:9-18 was taken as the key mission statement, this says

Love must be honest and true. Hate what is evil. Hold on to what is good. Love each other deeply. Honor others more than yourselves. Never let the fire in your heart go out. Keep it alive. Serve the Lord.

When you hope, be joyful. When you suffer, be patient. When you pray, be faithful. Share with God's people who are in need. Welcome others into your homes.

Bless those who hurt you. Bless them, and do not call down curses on them. Be joyful with those who are joyful. Be sad with those who are sad. Agree with each other. Don't be proud. Be willing to be a friend of people who aren't considered important. Don't think that you are better than others.

Don't pay back evil with evil. Be careful to do what everyone thinks is right. If possible, live in peace with everyone. Do that as much as you can.
Romans 12:9-18

Great day, great work, great love!
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11 Aug 11

14 AUGUST our first celebration get together is coming soon!
Excitement and anticipation is building as we plan to get together at Ken and Penny's on Sunday. (See the box at the right of our blog that gives the location and if you click on it a map).

What to bring?

Yourself and any friends you think my want to be part of a church that wants to really serve our community! We don't discriminate, people who come need not know and love Jesus like we do, we will make everyone welcome anyhow. Everyone has the ability to help others so everyone is welcome!

If you can't make it to the home of Penny and Ken, and you have high speed internet, we will do our best to accomodate you via our links through the internet. See our
virtual communications page. We can take about 20 different locations/people using these tools so get in early :).

Our intent?

To enjoy meeting each other, form friendships, to gather and pray for needs in our community, to take our meager resources and distribute anything we get to help those less fortunate in our community, to praise and worship our wonderful God for giving us the ability to do this!
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7 Aug 11

A person with a damaged knee needs the floor of his home replaced - PHASE 1 done
Our team went in and did work on  the living room, kitchen and passage floor. There was not enough time to complete the bedrooms, but the day ended with a great swim in Mirror Bay and a sense of a job well done. Thanks to everyone who was involved. Here are a few photographs with which to remember the event!

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The family was really thankful for the help! Mom, Dad and three small children received a substantial amount of food and some money to assist them. They have asked not to have more donations immediately as they hope to now be able to cope themselves. Thank-you to all who assisted and donated time, groceries and money.
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5 Aug 11

We received a request as follows " A family recently moved to Kearney and are experiencing extreme financial hardship. They need assistance with food, specifically". Tonight we are planning to gather food as God Rocks and take it to the home. Please bring food to the home of Ken and Penny, or join the drive into the community tonight to ask our community to help us help this person.
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3 Aug 11

A person with a damaged knee needs the floor of his home replaced
Our SCG Celebrate grand opening is 14 August 2011 but even before this we will be helping 

A person with a damaged knee needs the floor of his home replaced. He has purchased the materials but he cannot do this himself. A team to assist get this done is needed.

6 August - 10am to 5pm - Meet at Ken and Penny's at 9:45am (It's just up the street)

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Past Mexican Mission to Tijuana

God Rocks is a youth activity taking place at Ken and Penny's and each year some local youth are offered an opportunity to go to Mexico and help in the slums by building homes for the poor there.

Detailed descriptions of some of these activities that we documented in 2009 can be found on via these links. . .
Mission 2009 Day one getting there
Mission 2009 Day Two Training and Commissioning
Mission 2009 Day Three Let's do it!
Mission 2009 Day four Market Day!
Mission 2009 – Day five – Yippee! It happened!

Those attending come back changed forever. . . here are some photos of the events

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Supporting the Kearney Regatta

2011 Regatta at Kearney needed help running the Jumping Castle for the children of our community. We were there and added some fun with the mexican flavour we brought to the festivities on that hot summer day.

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