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3 Jun 18

An evening of fun at SGC Celebrate - Mystery in the Library

16th June – Saturday- Mystery Dinner in a library


SCG / Penny & Ken are inviting people to 1659 Hwy 518 E, Kearney for a Mystery Dinner at 6pm. Please contact Penny @ 647 477 2302 and she will assign you a character.


The premise of the evening is a library in which at night, many of the characters in the books come out to enjoy the evening air. A crime is committed, grim and grave, right in the library. His majesty Henry VIII disappears. All present at the dinner have some clues that they can reveal but not everyone has all the clues. By discussion and questioning, you will hear and try to work out what has happened.


If you get you character beforehand you may want to dress or have some article in hand that would suggest your character but that is not mandatory.


It is a chance to have fun and get to know out community and neighbours. Come an enjoy. A light dinner will be provided and when you contact Penny if you want to help, she may be able to guide you on how to do so. You can act out your part of not as you like. Fun and being part of a happy social gathering is the name of this game.


COME AND ENJOY an evening of fun!


Example of Typical characters: Peter Pan, Pinnocchio, Snow White, etc.

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1659 Hwy 518 E


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