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We are a group of people getting together to focus on helping our community with heartfelt love while enabling them to find and follow Jesus!

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16 Apr 15

SGC at 3pm this Sunday
We meet again this week at 3pm at Ken and Penny's home.

Last week we discuss Spiritual warfare so I expect some may have had a tougher week than normal this week. Our prayers are with you all. It seems evil does not want us helping our community with power and focus. We will not give up and will do so. Feel free to join us!
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13 Apr 15

Helping with Hydro
Sometimes people just get into a tough place in life. Over the past period we have found that due to the hard winter and a need to have electrical power, combined with life circumstances that change (a death of a loved one, or tenants that refuse to pay rent) people can get into trouble. It has been our joy to bless some people who have had these issues by helping with their power bill. God is good!
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6 Apr 15

Finding a home to Park a trailer
A family arrived in Kearney and due to the large amount of snow, the place they had organized to park their trailer home was just not available. They approached us at SGC ands we were helping organize a Birchdale church Passover meal celebration we invite them to come and see if we could find them a temporary home to park the trailer where they could connect to electricity and have shower facilities. The joy was that the church decided they could park there, but another couple form the church also offered their property. The joy of community was that they now have a place to stay until the snow clears and they can get where they need to.

God is good!
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4 Apr 15

This weekend -SGC

While SGC is not running this weekend, we have a number of SGC activities we are attending.

Easter Passover Seder - Ken and Penny's house (last night a crowd enjoyed a Seder.
Easter Passover Seder Birchdale - This is at Birchdale church at 6pm tonight- all welcome.

A sadder situation is that John Bowers Funeral is today at 11am in Bourkes Falls. Our hearts are with Gloria at this time. May our Lord comfort her and bring people around her who care for an love her.

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