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31 Aug 14

SGC celebrate today!

HI everyone,

Yesterday was a day of fun and activities on Mirror bay. granted an overturned canoe got some of us wet unexpectantly, but the food and fun (and the drying out of the all important graduation cheque) made up for that.
Unfortunately it rained out our bonfire, but Penny made s'mores in the microwave that were almost as good.

Today SGC celebrate will occur as usual at 3pm.

NOTE THE NEW United Kingdom phone number for joining our meeting if the computer audio is not great!

chat to you then!

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22 Aug 14

No God rocks or SGC this week
Hi Folk, we start again next week.

Ken is doing this crazy MUD HERO TORONTO race with obstacles and mud puddles this coming weekend and so SGC cannot meet at his home.

HOWEVER GOD ROCKS next week is a precursor to our day of ACTIVITY FUN on AUGUST 30.

So get ready and get the word out.

Turn up at the SGC site (Ken and Penny's) with swimsuits towels a healthy appetite and ready to have fun on the lake 10am 30 August and be ready to stay to 9pm (we will end with a bonfire, fire conditions permitting)

It's also the Lion's day so we will go around to Kearney(maybe canoe there) to support our community.

Bring a few dollars with for that!

Hey, let's love God and have fun!
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17 Aug 14

Meeting this Sunday again
Meeting this Sunday again. Ken and Penny are back from Alberta and we have a normal SGC weekend this weekend. The first wood has arrived for winter and we will need help packing it over the next few weeks. We want everyone to continue to pray for Barb and Richard, as well as Lou, Ian and family. Thanks to other Ken for again helping us help others by donating food this week.

Lydia is back form the Peru mission and led the message at God Rocks on Friday with a video and a talk on what happened.

Birchdale has been doing good with Vicky's leading. Ken is almost ready to do Michaels wedding having received the governments approval and he now needs to get the paperwork from the government so that that is ready.

God is good
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