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We are a group of people getting together to focus on helping our community with heartfelt love while enabling them to find and follow Jesus!

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13 Aug 12

The next SGC Celebrate is baptism at 1pm 9 September
We have about 5 people who want to be baptised in teh lake on 9 September 2012! Praise God! Please pray for these people and support them. We are people to come to a bring along potluck barbeque at Ken and Penny's on Sunday 9 September. This is a celebration! Join us!

Due to people being away between not and then SGC will not be occuring, nor God Rocks until this weekend. (The first God rocks is the Friday of teh same weekend!)

Have a blessed few weeks and let's rmember because some of us are way, doesn't change our helping others out
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3 Aug 12

SCG celebrate not happening on this weekend
This weekend with people away and others helping the town with the town regatta, there will be no SGC celebrate.

On SATURDAY we will however be packing wood at Ken and Penny's (preparing fo the needs that others may have in winter), and thereafter going to assist at the regatta.

THERE IS SGC Celebrate next weekend!
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